What is the AI avatar that's popular on SNS such as Instagram? Explaining the characteristics and methods of the popular 'AI Picasso'.

Many people may be wondering, "What is that illustration that looks so much like me that I've been seeing on SNS lately?" or "How can I create my own AI avatar?"

When you see an AI avatar that looks just like you but even more beautiful, you may want to try creating one yourself.

So, in this article, we introduce the popular AI avatars that are making waves on social media such as Instagram, and explain the popular app, AI Picasso, which can create AI avatars.

We provide a detailed explanation of how to use the app, so be sure to read until the end!

What is an AI Avatar?

First, let us introduce what an AI Avatar is and how it has become popular.

Originally, it was a service that became popular in Korea and gained many users despite being paid.

Converting a Photo to a Realistic Illustration Based on Your Face

An AI Avatar is a service that converts your face photos (about 10-20 photos) into realistic illustrations by learning from them using AI.

There are various types of illustrations such as watercolor paintings, art poster style, movie-like style, etc. that can be generated.

Because your AI Avatar is generated based on multiple selfies, it is highly prized for creating illustrations that are very similar to yourself.

Popular in Korea and Talked About by Japanese Celebrities on SNS

Originally, the Korean AI Avatar service became popular and led to its trend.

Following the trend, Japanese celebrities, influencers, and other well-known people posted their own AI avatars on social media like Instagram, gaining over 200,000 users within about two weeks. This is an exceptional number for a paid service, and the topic continues to gain momentum with more posts.

Used for SNS profile pictures

The AI Avatar is so real that it is attractive for use as an SNS profile picture or icon. Even people who feel hesitant to post an actual photo of themselves can easily post their AI avatar because it faithfully reproduces their face in illustration form.

Naturally, the topic of AI avatars is not confined to Korea and Japan, and it is beginning to attract attention worldwide.

Features of the Popular AI Picasso App For Creating AI Avatars

Now, let us introduce AI Picasso, a popular app for creating AI avatars.

AI Picasso is originally an AI drawing app that generates images and illustrations based on the text you input.

As a new feature of this app, it also allows you to create AI avatars.

Let's explain the AI avatar function of AI Picasso in detail.

Create your ideal self as a Japanese person

AI Picasso is originally an AI drawing app. Thus, it is attractive as it uses its unique technology for generating high-quality illustrations and images, cultivated through its AI drawing function, to generate a high-quality AI avatar.

In addition, it is designed to draw the ideal Japanese appearance while maintaining high quality, so the resulting AI avatar should make Japanese people happy when they see it.

Generates about 50 AI avatars with various concepts

AI Picasso generates about 50 AI avatars with various concepts when you upload about 10-20 photos of yourself. In the following section, we will explain in detail how to create an AI avatar using AI Picasso.

The AI avatars generated can be saved to your smartphone for download or shared on SNS. Since they are also saved in the "My Library" inside the app, you can easily access them without downloading again.

How to Create an AI Avatar with AI Picasso

From here, we will explain how to create an AI avatar using AI Picasso.

  1. Launch the app and press the "Create a Portrait with AI Avatar" banner or "AI Avatar" button at the bottom of the app.

2. Upload 10-20 photos of your face and press "Generate."

3. Wait about 10-30 minutes for the AI avatar to be generated while keeping the notification function on.

4. After the generation is complete, you can output about 50 AI avatars. Download or share the ones you like.

Create Your AI Avatar with AI Picasso

In this article, we introduced the AI avatars and the app AI Picasso, which can create AI avatars.

The topic of AI avatars is a paid service, but its user base is growing at an increasing rate.

If you want to create an illustration that looks just like you or use it as a profile image on SNS, why not try using AI Picasso, which can generate high-quality AI avatars?

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Create your own AI illustrations and AI avatars with AI Picasso

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Create your own AI illustrations and AI avatars with AI Picasso

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